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What should you pay attention to when buying cobblestone crusher?

What should you pay attention to when buying cobblestone crusher?

Due to its beautiful appearance, the cobblestone has a relatively high market application value and a wide range of applications. Therefore, it has become a high-quality material for garden engineering, ornamental stone, and clean water treatment. Natural pebbles need to be crushed and processed due to the limitation of application. The processed pebbles are used for ceramics, papermaking, chemical industry, national defense, etc. to provide raw and auxiliary materials. The equipment for processing cobblestones is generally used by cobblestone crushers. This equipment is popular in the crushing market. Pay attention to the following problems when purchasing, and avoid being deceived.

  • 1, the problem of equipment output
  • The purchase of cobblestone crushers should be selected according to their own needs, the amount of production required when the equipment is required, and the annual output. According to the actual needs of production, choose a suitable cobblestone crusher, you can not blindly purchase. The average small cobblestone crusher can produce dozens of tons per hour, and the large cobblestone crusher can reach hundreds of tons. Customers need to choose what kind of equipment and how to arrange the production line according to specific requirements. While satisfying production, avoid waste of resources.

  • 2. Construction site problems
  • When the purchase is confirmed, the river cobblestone crusher should be tested in advance for 8 hours. Check if the equipment is running without any conditions, such as vibration, noise, and inflexibility. In addition, you should choose other configurations according to the specific conditions of your construction site. For example, the size of the construction site and the placement of equipment will affect the specific design of the production line. Therefore, customers should consider the actual situation of the construction site when purchasing the cobblestone crusher.

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  • 3. After-sales service issues
  • At the time of purchase, everyone should ask how the maintenance and maintenance of the cobblestone crusher is installed, as well as some protective methods for safe operation. Generally, regular enterprises will have a complete set of services, so you should choose a regular manufacturer when purchasing. Shanghai Shanzhuo Heavy Industry has done a good job in after-sales service. Whether it is pre-sale or in-hand, or after-sales tracking, it is beneficial to provide diversified services to customers.

Therefore, we can better select the suitable cobblestone crusher equipment. Only the cobblestone crusher can be selected to bring economic benefits to our users in the subsequent production.