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How to prevent machine resonance phenomenon of sand making machine

How to prevent machine resonance phenomenon of sand making machine

Mechanical resonance refers to the phenomena that the amplitude of the system significantly increases when the frequency of excitation of a mechanical device is close to a certain natural frequency of the system. When the resonance occurs, the energy input into the mechanical system is maximized. When the movement of the device or component reaches a certain rotation speed (or resonance frequency), resonance occurs. In general, resonance is harmful, which can cause large deformation and dynamic stress of mechanical equipment structures, and even cause destructive accidents. This speed, which can easily cause equipment damage, is called "dangerous speed." There may also be a resonance phenomenon in the production and application of the sand making machine. How to prevent the mechanical resonance phenomenon of the sand making machine? In order to reduce the damage to the sand making machine caused by dangerous rotating speeds, it is necessary to reduce the value of its "hazardous speed". So, how can we lower it?

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First of all, we must know what factors can affect it. There are several points in the general part that cause vibration: rotor impeller, bearing cartridge. If these two components are unbalanced, they can cause vibration and damage the equipment.

Sand making machine manufacturers must ensure that the balance of the rotor in the production process, to ensure the quality and weight of accessories before assembly. This can ensure normal production on startup. It is also necessary to ensure that the shaft of the bearing cartridge is vertical.

When installing: First measure the level of concrete Atsuko, and wait for the sand machine to put it to the end and test the overall level.

The level of the bearing cylinder and the pulley should be tested after all the machine level. If there are no problems, the device will generally not vibrate.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the production process, when replacing the impeller runner plate must be weighed, the difference in the weight of a set of runner plate can not be large, or else it will cause damage and machine vibration.