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jaw crusher for crushing

The jaw crusher is divided into two types: coarse broken and fine broken

The jaw crusher is divided into two types: coarse crushing and fine breaking. The main purpose is to coarsely break the raw materials and prepare for secondary crushing. Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing hard or medium hardness raw materials. It is not suitable for crushing soft and hard materials. The moisture content of materials should be no more than 10%. The moisture content of raw materials is too high. Breaking efficiency. It is particularly worth mentioning that the brick and tile factory should pay attention to two points when using the jaw crusher: First, before the material enters the crusher, the powder in the material should be sieved out in advance, which makes the utilization efficiency of the crusher capable. It is of great significance to see that these particles can fill the grooves between the ridges of the rafts, so that the effective height of the ribs is reduced, so that the material between the slabs is broken by pressure alone. Another point to note is that feeding the jaw crusher should ensure that the material is applied along the width of the entire feed port as much as possible to ensure uniform feeding and, if necessary, a special feeder.

There are some problems with the crusher's handling of dust. It is described as follows:

  • 1. The filter area of ​​the bag filter is too small, and the actual amount of air is insufficient. It is difficult to form a micro-negative pressure in the dust-removing hood and the crusher cavity of the crusher's discharge port, resulting in a large dust in the post environment.
  • 2. When the humidity of the broken material is large (after rain or after the material is drenched), the dust particles entering the dust collector are thicker than the broken dry material, the bag type dust collector is easy to paste the bag, and the feeder is easy to block, resulting in bag dust removal. The ventilation resistance of the device is greatly increased, the ventilation capacity is reduced, and the dust is severe.
  • jaw crusher for crushing
  • 3. The dust enters the pipeline of the dust collector, and the elbow at the inlet pipe increases the resistance of the system, and the elbow portion is easily worn and blocked by dust. The dust collected by the screw conveyor and the dividing wheel conveyor bag type dust collector increases the power consumption and increases the mechanical maintenance workload; it is often necessary to disassemble the grid wheel feeder, and over time, the feeder flange leaks. Increase the leakage of the ash bucket.
  • 4. During the falling process of the material on the belt conveyor, the air enters the sealed dust hood together with the material, and the dust-containing gas diffuses outside the cover through the gaps and holes in the cover wall, polluting the environment. In addition, due to the improper setting of the dust removal point at the corner of the belt conveyor, the dust collector has almost no effect on the dust of the lower belt conveyor. Therefore, since the No. 5 stone breaker has been in operation, the dust collector has not been operated, and the lower belt conveyor has been in the dust, and the dust removal process is arranged at the corner of the belt conveyor before the process layout transformation.
  • 5. In order to reduce the dust caused by the air leakage of the crusher casing, in actual production, when the material is dry, water is often sprayed at the inlet of the crusher, which results in the blockage of the filter bag and the feeder of the bag filter. Since the bag filter is intermittently cleaned, when the precipitator is working normally, the air leakage of the separation wheel is also a problem that cannot be ignored.
  • 6. There are many faults in the bag filter and its accessories, which not only affects the normal dust removal, but also increases the maintenance workload of the equipment. From the statistics of equipment maintenance, the poor quality of the parts is an important cause of equipment failure.

The reason why the jaw crushing motorized E cannot swing

The jaw crusher is a special equipment for rough processing of ore. The crusher of the jaw crusher is relatively large and can be used for the crushing of a variety of ore with high hardness. It is a very popular ore crushing processing equipment. Of course, the jaw crusher will also suffer from damage to the machine parts after a long period of work.

The jaw crusher mainly relies on the raft to crush the ore. The jaw of the jaw crusher is divided into dynamic boring and fixed boring. The moving raft is movable and plays an important role in the crushing of materials.

jaw crusher for crushing

What is the cause of the situation in which you can't swing?

During the operation of the jaw crusher, if you hear a loud noise, the moving jaw will stop swinging. The problems that cause the jaw crusher to oscillate mainly include the rotation of the flywheel, the swing of the connecting rod, and the slackening of the pull rod spring, which will cause the moving jaw to stop swinging. The jaw crushing motorized shovel can't swing. The most common reason is that the equipment falls into the non-broken object, which is other unrelated broken materials, which causes the thrust plate to break or the rivet to break. If the lower part of the connecting rod is broken, the reason is broken. The main reason is that the groove of the thrust plate supported by the lower part of the connecting rod supports the crack of the slider. Therefore, if the calculation is not performed properly during installation, it will cause the movement to not swing.