CTL Dry Magnetic Separatordry

CTL Dry Magnetic Separatordry

CTL Dry Magnetic Separatordry

Dry magnetic separator is the newly-developed high-performance mining equipment which can be widely used in metallurgy, mining and other industries. This product is ideally suitable for arid areas due to some reasons that it can save water resources, and reduce dressing costs, opening up a new way for magnetite mining. CTL dry magnetic separators are simple in terms of structures. They can be simply installed at the head of belt conveyors. They can also work as dry magnetic separation machines. They are mainly applied in primarily separating low-grade ores to improve raw ore grade for feeding mills and to lower costs for ore separation. They are also suitable for de-ironing non-metallic materials.

Zenith's dry magnetic separator for rent and sale can meet the requirements of small, medium and large mining processing plant. The Magnetic Separators are available in cyclic design with process vessel diameters smaller than 3mm. It can be used for processing fine, feebly magnetic minerals, such as hematite, limonite, wolfram, and tantalum-niobium, etc. In recent years, it is also more and more applied in purifying quartz, and feldspar. Its magnetic system is a ring-shape chain closed magnetic circuit with energizing coils made of copper tube and cooled internally by water.

Here we focus on Zenith's top-rank dry magnetic separator for rent and sale, which has been proved as a secret weapon for metal ore processing. Meanwhile, the price and cost of Zenith's dry magnetic separator is also attractive, and we hold the belief that our dry magnetic separator can make a big difference to your mining business.

Working Principle

When the slurry goes into the magnetic field, minerals with strong magnetism are adsorbed on the cylinder surface. When the magnetic lump rotates with the cylinder, gangues and other non-magnetic minerals fall from the lump and then discharged with the pulp. Finally, the ore concentrate is discharged from the magnetic separator with water.

Main Benefits And Features

  1. Zenith's dry magnetic separator has a strong magnetic field, which can significantly improve the separation efficiency.
  2. Light weight, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Our dry magnetic separator is ideally suitable for arid areas, for it can save water resources, and reduce separation costs, opening up a new way for open-pit mines extraction.
  3. Advanced structure, light weight, reliable operation and easy maintenance

Technical Data

CTL Dry Magnetic Separatordry
Model Roller Size DxL (mm) Speed (r/min) Capacity (T/h) Overall Dimension LxWxd (mm) Power (kw) Weight (t)
CTL-0816 800x1600 0-63 35-55 3053x1295x1671 7.5 2.75
CTL-0818 800x1800 0-63 55-70 3266x1295x1671 11 3.30
CTL-0821 800x2100 0-63 70-85 3936x1295x1671 15 3.90
CTL-0824 800x2400 0-63 85-100 4235x1295x1671 18.5 4.45
CTL-1021 1050x2100 0-50 100-130 4030x1545x2046 18.5 4.80
CTL-1021 1050x2100 0-50 100-130 4150x1545x1850 18.5 4.68
CTL-1224 1200x2400 0-50 115-150 4720x1545x1850 22 5.18
Note: The magnetic strength should be determined in accordance with the nature of the ore. CTL Series Dry separator can be customer-made.

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