Five Significant Advantages Of Impact Crusher

impact crusher has many advantages

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is named according to the working principle, namely use the principle of impact broken to crush materials. Compared with jaw crusher, impact crusher is a kind of fine crusher equipment. In the stone crushing plant it's mainly used to finely work, cooperated with jaw crusher. In the process of crushing, impact crusher has five significant advantages.

Five Significant Advantages Of Impact Crusher

  1. Applicable material hardness of impact crusher is more widely

    The hammer plate of impact crusher take use of mechanical clamping structure firmly fixing on the rotor, it generates great interia when it rotates with the rotor. So it csn crush the harder material and at the same time , low energy consumption.

  2. The particle size of the products can be adjusted flexible and with a wide adjustment range

    Impact crusher can adjust the particle size in a number of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the gap between the impact plate and the grinding chamber. The adjustment of the gap includes mechanical and hydraulic adjustment. In the hydraulic control system, you can easily operate the button or haul system on site to complete the adjustment of the gap.

  3. The impact crusher can effectively deal with materials of large moisture content and prevent blockage of materials

    When dealing with the materials with excessive moisture, the feed chute and back panels can be equipped with heating device to prevent the adhesive of the material. Impact crusher don't need to equipped with the bottom sieve plate which can effectively prevent blocking phenomenon.

  4. The spare parts of impact crusher is simple to replace and the maintenance costs are less

    There are only six plate hammer installed on the impact crusher rotor and special tools provided to make the hammer replacement easily. The replacement of a board only spends a little time. The mill rod of the bottom of grinding chamber only need tens of minutes to replace, which significantly reduces the time of the repairing and maintenance and costs.

  5. The wear part of the impact crusher can use long time and with a high metal utilization

    The worn of a impact crusher's hammer plate only appear in the facing material side. When the rotor speed is normal, the feeding materials will drop to the surface of hammer plate, the back and the side of the hammer panels will not be worn. Even though the facing material side wears little. And the grinding rod at bottom is also very easy to replace. The metal utilization of a impact crusher is up to 45% -48%.

impact crusher used in the stone crushing plant

Five advantages of impact crusher let it become an indispensable crusher equipment in the stone crushing plant and sand production line.