How To Improve Crusher Service Life

How To Improve Crusher Service Life ?


I'm going to have an ore mining project, and I want to know how to improve crusher service life?


Crusher machine plays a significant role in the mining industry, so make you crusher serve a longer time is very important to your project. But how to imporve crusher service life and make it become a money-making plant in your mining project? Zenith engineers have focused on the following points.

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Adequate Preparation

In order to improve crusher service life, we should make adequate preparations before using the crusher machine.

  1. Examine whether the bearings need lubricating, especially the connections between bearings. For any type of crusher, enough lubricating oil makes the machine perform better.
  2. Examine all the fastenings to ensure them completely fixed.
  3. Make sure the transmission belt works well so that it is able to delivery materials efficiently.
  4. Make sure the protection device is good, and if finding anything wrong, experts should be sent to change the broken one immediately.
  5. Check the crushing chamber and remove the debris in the chamber.

During The Crusher Working

In addition to good preparation, we also need to pay more attention when the machine working.

  1. Start the machine under the loading condition.
  2. Operators should not stand under the belt conveyor to escape being hit by big particles.
  3. During the running of jaw crusher, if finding something abnormal, operators should immediately stop the jaw crusher, examine the source of breakdown, and repair the machine.
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Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher as the primary crusher, playing a very important role, so we must pay attention to the maintenance of jaw crusher, making sure that it can efficient working normally.

  1. Make sure the jaw crusher stay its normal condition, and then begin to feed materials.
  2. Materials should be delivered to enter the crushing chamber at an even pace, and keep a certain capacity of loading.
  3. Under the normal condition, the bearing temperature should not exceed 35℃, and the maximum temperature of materials should not exceed 70℃.
  4. When it happens to block in the crushing chamber, operators should turn down the machine immediately, materials should be removed and then restart the machine.

Lubrication of Jaw Crusher

Last but not least, it is also important to lubrication of jaw crusher.

  1. Regular attention should be paid to lubricating friction surfaces, in order to keep its excellent operation and extend its life.
  2. The lubricating oil should be added to 50%-70% of the total bearings every 3 months.
  3. The toggle plate and side lining board should be lubricated before running the jaw crusher.

If you need further guidance from Zenith, you can contact our on-line mining engineers, who will try our best to help your mining business!

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