Impact Crusher Common Fault

PF Series Impact Crushers

Impact Crusher Common Fault

Impact Crusher there are several kinds of common failure,such as imapct crusher bearing heating phenomenon, imapct crusher belt reverse fault and so on. so the solution is also different, four common fault solution for your reference.

  1. impact crusher bearing heating:

    If discover impact crusher bearing heating, that means the bearing is short of oil, the need for timely refueling, we must check the oil level while refueling. If the bearing damage, replace the bearings timely. We should also adjust the bolt to make sure moderate tightness is appropriate.

  2. impact crusher abnormal vibration

    If discover impact crusher abnormal vibration, that means material is too large, you can check the size of incoming material. Uneven wear, explain counterattack hammer head need to replace, rotor imbalance, need to adjust, basic processes improper, anchor bolt and reinforcement shall be checked.

  3. impact crusher belt inversion:

    If discover impact crusher belt inversion, that's means the belt wear, need to replace the triangle belt, because the belt pulley assembly problem, need to adjust the belt pulley on the same plane. It is important to note that the triangle itself quality.

  4. impact crusher discharging granularity is too large:

    If discover impact crusher discharging granularity is too large, that means hammer head wear, need to spare the hammer or replace it.If the clearance between the back plate and hammer head is too big, generally should adjusted for 15 to 20 mm, the feed granularity is too large will affect discharging granularity.