Jaw Crusher Broken Material

Jaw Crusher Broken Material

How to use the jaw crusher to determine the toughness of the material

Usually the toughness of the determination of the material is general by professional jaw crusher to determine the height and diameter preparation are 25 mm cylindrical specimens. Will a spherical end of the impact bars has placed on a sample with quality for 2 Kg heavy piece from a certain height fall off conflict stem impact. Jaw crusher impact energy through increased the height of the impact has increased, its height every time increase 1 cm. Take samples began to break into the impact high H (cm), as the toughness of the material.

The jaw crusher as mining processing equipment professional specially used in sand production line, ores dressing, stone crushing and primary grinding process.

Common rock compressive strength, toughness and brittle data

Pullman's F of jaw crusher broken material hardness coefficient is also used for the classification of material, F values equal to approximately one percent of the compressive strength. according to the jaw crusher coefficient of the value of the pullman's F the rock press sturdiness is into 10 level, the corresponding F value by 0.3 to 20, F value is bigger, the rock of the firmness of the high.

Because of the nature of the natural materials uneven, using the jaw crusher measure the strength of material of data difference is very big. So in the practical work of hardness material often determination, the hardness of material in a certain extent reflects the crushed material degree of difficulty, so commonly used material of hardness said it's brittle.

The jaw crusher as a new processing mode, will bring the profound reform in the field of mine with development. Except the jaw crusher, Zenith impact crusher, cone crusher and grinding machines has become the strong development space of mineral processing equipment.