Powder Packing Machine

Packing is the last stage of powder production in the mining industry. A packing machine is used in this stage. Usually, Zenith's powder packing machine for sale and rent is suitable for powder and small granular material, auto-weighing, auto-clip bag, auto-filling and auto-sealing, suitable for packing powder and small grain.

Overview of Zenith's Powder Packing Machine

Zenith's powder packing machine mainly composes of weighting system, pre-delivery belt, thermal sealing machine, sewing machine, and belt conveyor, etc. Of course, Zenith experts can adjust the machine according to the customers' requirements. The thermal sealing machine and sewing machine are optional. Our cement packer has the functions of measurement, clip bag, filling, sealing, sewing, transmission and so on. It is specially designed for all kinds of powder materials, including cement powder. In addition, the machine adopts double-speed screw feeder, ensuring a higher precision. We configure the industrial vacuum cleaner for packing large dust environment.

Application of Zenith's Powder Packing Machine

Zenith's powder packing machine is mainly used for pouring powder into the bag and can also be used for pouring good floating performance powder material into bag. We can also manufacture any special packer according to the users' demands. Our powder packing machine can be used in the cement, lime, gypsum production line.

Technical Features and Advantages

  1. This scale is special for 1000kg level quantitative packing function field. It can support up to 2000kg per bag and has some leading feed-in technology, which can use vibration to make bag solid.
  2. Auto filling system and auto weighting balance
  3. Electric control cabinet
  4. Reliable quality and easy operation
  5. Single bag weight: 50kg
Powder Packing Machine

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