Rod Mill

Rod mill is widely applied in metal and nonmetal mine, water conservancy

Rod Mill Introduction

Rod mill is widely applied in metal and nonmetal mine, water conservancy, glass and construction materials industries, mainly suitable for grinding various ores and rocks and artificial sand-making.There are many types of rod mills that customers can choose from, including dry rod mill, limestone rod mill and mineral rod mill. The main feature of the rod grinder lies in that during the ore grinding process, the grinding media and the rocks touch in a linear manner, so that the grinding and crushing is selective. The granularity of the final products is relatively even and the over crushing particles are few. When applied to coarse grinding, the processing capacity of the ore rod mill is higher than that of the ball mill with the same specifications.

The rod grinding machine is widely applied in many industries such as metal and non-metallic mines, water conservancy, glasses and building materials departments that require even product granularity and less over-ground sand materials for grinding all kinds of rocks, ores and artificial sand making. The mineral rod mill manufactured by our company is able to save energy by 10~20% and improve the production capacity by 10~20%.

Rod Mill Benefits

  1. It saves dynamic force. Compared with traditional equipment, it is able save energy by over 40%. The granularity of the final products is even and the quantity of big particle and slurry is small. Comparing the particle features of the final products produced by dry rod mill and ball mill, the characteristics curve of the final products manufactured by open circuit rod mill is almost the same with the closed circuit ball mill.
  2. The granularity of the discharged materials is more even and final yield is even higher. Adopted advanced controllable material feeding and discharging technology and suitable grinding media based on the to-be-ground materials, the grinding surfaced is changed to linear grinding, so that the granularity of the discharged materials is more even and final yield is even higher.
  3. The fineness of the discharged materials is adjustable. The mill is installed with fineness control device and screening device in order to make sure that the materials will be not over ground and the unqualified products will not be mixed into the final products.

Technical Data

Rod Mill
Model Barrel size(mm) Effective volume (m3) Bar weight(T) Rotating speed(r/min) Power(KW) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Weight(T)
MB0924 Ф900×2400   3.1 29 22 2.5-0.2 2.9-10 6.6
MB1224 Ф1200×2400   6.5 27 37 2.5-0.2 5-13 13.5
MB1530 Ф1500×3000 5 8 23 75 2.5-0.2 5.5-12 16.71
MB1830 Ф1800×3000 6.5 17 22.8 130 2.5-0.2 9.5-20 29.8
MB2136 Ф2100×3600 11 28 20.9 210 2.5-0.2 14.8-35 49.4
MB2436 Ф2400×3600 14.6 37 19 280 2.5-0.2 26-55 61
MB2740 Ф2700×4000 20.5 47 17.5 400 5-0.8 50-165 84.3
MB3040 Ф3000×4000 25.9 50 16.2 500 5-0.8 62-206 130
MB3245 Ф3200×4500 33 56 15.5 630 5-0.8 70-228 138
MB3654 Ф3600×5400 55 94 14.5 1000 5-0.8 103-340 192

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