Cement Making And Packaging

Cement Making And Packaging

Cement is a kind of cementitious material and one of the most important construction materials in the world today. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of infrastructure construction, the demand of cement is getting higher and higher, so more and more investors start to turn their eyes on cement making.

Here we focus on cement making and packaging machine.

Cement Making Machine

Typically, a cement production line consists of crushing, grinding, calcining and packaging etc. Portland cement production process is very typical in the cement making. The raw materials for making Portland cement are mainly limestone and clay. In the production process, to produce 1 ton Portland cement, we need at least 3 tons raw materials.

For cement making, we need firstly crush the bulk raw materials into small particles. And then grind the particles into suitable sizes and send them to the calcining equipment to get clinker. After this, grind the clinker into desired sizes, we can get cement.

As for the above mentioned machines, Zenith provides various types and models. Each type has its own features. Our experienced engineers will recommend suitable type and model and then design proper plant for the customers according to their requirements.

Cement Packaging Machine

Some investors produce cement for sale instead of own use. In this case, we need firstly package the cement into bags and then sell them. Zenith provides packaging machines for the customers. This machine is suitable for powder and particle packaging. It has two kinds of package weights, one is 5-25kg and the other is 10-50kg. Besides, this machine is auto weighting, greatly saves manual power for the customers.

If you are interested in the cement making and packaging machine, please contact us. Our engineers will do their best to help.

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