Impact Crusher Main Parts

Impact Crusher Main Parts

Impact crusher is one kind of the most widely crushing equipment for mining, its crushing parts are very important for impact crusher, they need to replace in time, and they are also called wearing parts in the industry .impact plate , scale board, blow bar belongs to the wearing parts of impact crusher. And they all made of high manganese steel, high chrome, high manganese composed wear-resistant materials.

Blow Bar

Blow bars made of high chromium alloy material and the latest manufacturing technology; it features special structure design, cubic shape, no tension and crakes, it is the most reliable wear-resistant casting parts, blow bar should be adjusted or replaced when worn to a certain extent to avoid damaging other parts. As for the blow bar adjustment, hydraulic clamshell device will open the back cover, turn the rotor by hand, pull the adjusted or replaced blow bar to the overhaul, then fixed the rotor, remove the blow bar should be positioned in the axial parts from the access door at the launch, or hanging out from the rack in the middle. When removing, need the hand hammer gently tap on the blow bar.

Scale Board

Scale board is the easiest wearing parts of impact crusher, the long time working liner wear, its resisting ability decline; it often caused in accidents, and has a greater decrease in the sealing performance of the dust. Open the upper frame, remove the fixed bolts on the fixed impact plate, can replace the wearing scale board, if there need to installed a new scale board, just follow the above steps.

Impact Plate

Zenith impact crusher’s impact plate adopt multi-alloy casting on the basis of ZGMn13-2 , while the alloy adding a suitable amount of Mo, Ni, TI, and other elements, to ensure the HB index between 300-500. Our company is specially designed for the plate special pouring process avoids the sheet in casting porosity defects such as sand holes; make the casting thickness uniform density, metallographic structure. At the same time, we design and reasonable heat treatment process, not only ensure the high wear-resisting performance and ensure the good toughness and impact resistance. after adjusting the liner is required to open the shelves , all lining allows heavier wear and wear lighter geographical area interchangeable .when a impact plate is wear all on one side only, it can rotate 90°, 180°and continue to use .

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