The Development Tendency Of Jaw Crusher

Development Tendency Of Jaw Crusher

As the important equipment in mine stone crusher, jaw crusher develops rapidly in china. From 1949 to now, jaw crusher appeared in many models, which broke the situation that the classification standard depends on the machine size. Jaw crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic industry for crushing and fine crushing all kinds of hard with rocks and ores.

At present, compared with the foreign jaw crusher, a variety of domestic production jaw crusher's body is generally heavier. Its unreasonable design and the improper movable jaw in foundry are the reasons to cause the body heavy. Therefore, to reduce the weight of jaw crusher is an important topic in machine design and research at home.

In addition, with the development and widely using of computer technology in the design stage, parametric modeling is not only provides a three-dimensional template for manufacturing products, but also it provides a quantitative basis for checking the finite element analysis on parts structure. In order to improve the reliability of machine using a broken jaw, we should strengthen the finite element analysis and design of dynamic jaw, mid frame and main component of jaw crusher. With the development of the crushing theory, we can do that the advanced theory is applied to the design of jaw crusher. With the aid of computer technology, we can optimize jaw crusher's components and cavity shape.

Furthermore, based on the continuous improvement of design, we also need to constantly innovate in the manufacturing process of jaw crusher. For example, in order to improve the frame fatigue resistance and reliability, frame can be used without welding. Discharge port should be used on the regulation of hydraulic adjustment instead of wedge adjustment, to make domestic jaw crusher reach the world advanced level.

From the trend of the development of jaw crusher at home and abroad, we can see that compared with foreign jaw crusher, the jaw crusher in the domestic design level had a big gap. Therefore, On the basis of foreign design concept introduction, we should also develop independent ourselves crushing theory research, closely following the trend of the development of jaw crusher.

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