Transmission Device Structure Of Jaw Crusher

Transmission Device Structure Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing stage, because it has the machine has simple structure, reliable working performance and the advantages of convenient maintenance stage, this crusher is widely used in many industries.

And in each part of the machine, gear is one of the important part of jaw broken machine, the structural analysis is as follows:

1. Through connecting rod parts and thrust plate, has realized the jaw crusher movable jaw movement.

Driving part of jaw crusher combined by the flywheel and eccentric shaft, connecting rod, the front thrust plate and the behind thrust plate. In a jaw flywheel on both ends of the eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft bearing frame lateral wall of the main bearing. Connecting rod is mounted on the eccentric shaft end, front and behind the thrust plate respectively by both sides of the bearing on the lower end of the connecting rod on the part of the bracket support, described the other end of the thrust plate is supported in in the bottom of the bracket support jaw brace, at the other end bearing thrust plate in the frame on the wall.

When using a wheeled motor through the tape drive the eccentric shaft rotates, connecting rod will be moved up and down, pushing plate movement. push plate movement will continue to change the Angle, and in the suspension axis reciprocating movement of the movable jaw plate, in order to make the destruction of the material into the crushing chamber. When the movable clamp claw swinging forward, horizontal rod through the spring balance and inertia force of moving jaw thrust plate, makes the movable jaw plate and thrust plate together, not separation. When the moving jaw retreats, spring can help.

2. With the effect of the flywheel to balance the load of the machine

(1) The reason for using flywheel:

When the jaw crusher works, work schedule and idle stroke is interrupted. So the motor load is not balanced. In order to make the motor load evenly, will leave the fixed jaw plate of electricity storage, that is backward in mandible, then all of the energy released. Finally using the setting for a flywheel inertia principle at both ends of the eccentric shaft, can achieve this purpose.

(2) The solution of unbalanced load of the machine

In order to simplify the structure, normal power transmission belt and belting leather belt pulley of the flywheel are flywheel effect as processing. Due to the main shaft is the most important part of the jaw broken, so simple swing jaw crusher jaw hanging shaft breaking machine, also known as spindle, they are the most important one of the core parts of the machine.

Eccentric shaft is responsible for the push rod moves up and down, under the big crushing force, under the impact of the also is very big, so the material of them are made of high quality alloy production. The connecting rod is made up of connecting rod and connecting rod head, due to the tension of the work, the use of cast steel material.

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