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Various Types Of Sand


From its origin, sand can be divided into natural sand and artificial sand. Natural sand includes river sand, sea sand, and mountain sand.

These types of sand have their features and advantages. In this article, we will see a brief introduction about these various types of sand.

Natural Sand

River Sand

Under natural conditions, natural stones collide and rub again and again in the long term force of water and turn into river sand. Because of its various advantages, river sand plays remarkable role in construction field. River sand is good shaped and very clean because of the long time washing of water. It has great solidity and durability and contains fewer impurities, which makes river sand ideal for construction, especially for high-rise buildings.

But recent years, with the dwindling of river sand resources and the protection policies of the government, the cost of river sand is getting higher and higher.

sea sand

Sea Sand

There are rich sea sand resources in the world. Even though sea sand has good shape and rich resources, but we do not suggest customers to adopt sea sand in construction and buildings. First of all, there are impurities in sea sand. To use sea sand as construction materials, we need firstly separate the impurities out. Secondly, sea sand contains chloridion. The cost to desalinate the chloridion is very high, which will obviously lead to the increasing of investment capital.

Mountain Sand

The surface of mountain sand is coarse and mountain sand particles are multangular. With the long time weathering and petrification, mountain sand contains high sand and high organic impurities; also the sediment percentage is high. In this case, the quality of mountain sand is not so good for construction.

Artificial Sand

Artificial sand is a kind of sand that made by processing various rocks through sand making machine and some other auxiliary equipment. The particles of artificial sand are more regular. According to different processing technologies, we can get artificial sands with different specifications. Artificial sand meets the national standard, has evenly and good particle shape and more reasonable gradation.

With the above mentioned features and advantages, artificial sand draws more and more attention from investors. Zenith provides complete set of artificial sand making equipment for the customers to choose. If you are interested in them, please contact our online operator for more info.

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