Gold Ore Grinding Machinery In Kazakhstan

Every year, local gold producers in Kazakhstan import lots of gold ore grinding machinery, which refers to grinding mills used in the grinding process of gold ore. In their opinion, compared with other brands, gold ore grinding plants produced by Zenith are able to stand high loading requirements, work continuously, and save the operation cost a lot. Here we focus on gold ore grinding machinery in Kazakhstan's gold mining industry.

Overview Of Gold Mining Industry In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan holds roughly 4% of world reserves and ranks seventh in the world in terms of reserves. Kazakhstan produced 9.94t of refined gold in 2003. However, gold production in Kazakhstan rose by 60% year after year in the first half of 2011 to 8.485 tonnes of refined gold. Unprocessed gold output increased by 57.9% to 18,832 tonnes, according to the Statistics Agency. In 2010, Kazakhstan produced 13.3 tonnes of refined gold and 29.9 tonnes of unprocessed gold. Recently, Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that the country aims to raise gold production to 70 tonnes annually to become the second largest gold producer among CIS states after Russia.

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Process Of Gold Ore Grinding In Kazakhstan

The gold ore grinding machinery deals with the crushed gold-bearing particles into fine even ultrafine powder so that the leaching and smelting process can go smoothly. Gold ore grinding process can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding. According to different applications, there will be open-circuit grinding and closed-circuit grinding process. However, Zenith engineers can design different grinding solutions according to your requirements. The most popular ore milling machine are ball mill, rod mill, and vertical mill.

Gold Ore Grinding Machinery In Kazakhstan

Gold ore grinding plants have varied types, such as ball mill, rod mill, and vertical mill. Here we focus on one popular type of gold ore grinding machinery used in Kazakhstan's gold mining industry, which is gold ore rod mill. The motor of gold ore rod mill drives through the reducer and peripheral big gear, or the low-speed synchronous motor directly drives the rod mill through big gear around rod milling machine to drive the cylinder body rotation. The cylinder body is filled with appropriate grinding medium - steel bar. In the function of centrifugal force and friction force, the grinding medium was promoted to a certain height, and then was thrown or relief in the falling state.

According to the feedback from gold producers used our products in Kazakhstan, gold ore grinding plant produced by Zenith features high ratio of performance and price, and they think highly of our gold ore grinding machinery. We will try our best to help local gold producers by the ways of supplying more high-quality products and better service, if you have some interest in our gold mining equipment in Kazakhstan, please contact us!

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