Gold Processing Machinery In Peru

Gold Mining Industry In Peru

Gold production has been reducing in recent years, demoting the Latin American nation in the global league of countries that mine, refine and export gold. But Peru was the world's fifth largest gold producer and Local government has taken significant steps to improve gold yield. Therefore, the investment climate of Peru is very well. On the other hand, gold producers also import lots of gold processing plants from China. As a professional supplier of mining equipment, Zenith has kept a close relationship with customers from Peru. If you want to invest gold in Peru,Zenith will be a good choice.

Main Types of Gold Processing Machinery in Peru

In Peru, main types of gold processing machinery include gold ore crushing equipment, gold ore grinding equipment, gold extraction equipment and other associated equipment, which are also the main components of a gold processing line. Every year, local good producers import relative more gold ore grinding machinery and gold extraction equipment from Zenith. Here we focus on the two types of gold processing equipment used in Peru, the gold ore grinding machinery and extraction equipment.

Gold Processing Machinery In Peru

Gold Ore Crushing Machinery in Peru

Gold ore crushing machinery is consisted of jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher. As for the crushing stage, it can be divided into primary gold ore crusher and secondary crusher. Typically, gold ore crushing machinery can deal with gold-bearing rocks with the dimension as wide as 200mm. after the two crushing stages, the size turns into less than 10 mm, which will be further processed by gold ore grinding machinery.

Gold Ore Grinding Machinery in Peru

Gold ore grinding machinery can deal with gold-bearing particles whose size is more than 6 mm. After the treatment of gold ore grinding machinery, size of gold-bearing particles turns into less than 20 microns, which is very suitable for gold extraction. Common types of gold ore grinding plants include gold ore ball mill, gold ore rod mill and vertical mill.

Gold Extraction Equipment in Peru

Gold extraction equipment refers to gold mining equipment used in the beneficiation process of gold. As there are several methods of gold extraction, gold extraction plants can be divided into gravity separation equipment and flotation equipment. Typically, main types of gold extraction equipment include spiral chute, spiral classifier, gold ore shaking table, gold flotation machine, and concentrator, etc. As for the selection of gold extraction equipment, it should take a careful analysis of production, capital, and market requirement.

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