Limestone Grinding Plant in Belgium

Case Study

As the finished product is for a paper making company, our buyer from Belgium needs a mill to get limestone powder. The required output size is D90=105μm, required capacity is 3-5t/h.

MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill

Since this client just needs medium output size, our MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill is suitable for him; Meanwhile, the required capacity is low, so the smallest model MTM100 is his best choice.

Limestone Grinding Plant in Belgium

Installation And Maintenance

Under the guidance of our engineer, they have finished the installation and commission. The classifier is adjusted for required size and the capacity has reached more than 4t/h. Now the plant is running stably with good performance.

Protect Environment And Conserve Resources

AS we all know that grinding plant will pollute the environment and we should try to protect environment while on the job. Our machines with high efficient and very durable, at the same time,the noise is very small. We also have dust removal equipment. Both of them can help you reduce the pollution of the environment.

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