Vibrating Screen Development Prospect

Vibrating Screen Development Prospect

Screening is an important part of mineral processing engineering. Vibrating screen is widely used in coal, chemical industry, building materials, mineral processing and other departments. The study of vibration screen has not stopped, especially the study on mechanical dynamics, vibration mechanism, screening theory, noise control for vibration sieve.

In the aspect of coal application, in recent years, China's coal industry demand continues to rise. At present, China's overall coal washing rate is less than 45%, and the next 3-5 years washing rate requirements gradually increase to 50%-60%. The upgrade of washing rate in coal industry is a long-term process. Vibrating screen is widely used in coal classification, dehydration, de medium, desliming process. The production and coal washing rate unceasing promotion will bring rising demand for vibration sieve. With the construction of large coal preparation plant and China's coal washing rate promotion, the demand of large vibration screen has increased year by year. The vibration screen industry starts late in China. The funds and production scale can’t meet the demand of large vibration screen, leading to large vibrating screen that the coal industry needs is mainly from foreign. That is to say, the foreign brands occupy a major share in China.

The future iron and steel metallurgy industry on the vibrating screen needs maintains the basic stability. Mine of nonferrous industry overall development speed may have fallen, but the development speed of rare metals will remain relatively stable. The demand of vibration sieve is still relatively strong. As an important infrastructure, highway is the national economy "blood" to ensure the healthy and stable development.

In recent years, as China's economic and social development, the demand for highway construction is growing. At the same time, the development of regional economy and urbanization construction put forward higher requirements to highway construction. Because of the advantages of asphalt road, the proportion of asphalt highway accounted in various types of highway construction will continue to improve. Vibrating screen is the necessary equipment of highway construction, especially for high grade highway. Growth rate of high grade highway construction and the increasing proportion of asphalt highway, both bring good opportunities for the development of vibrating screen.

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